Fit for Xetra T7

Since the introduction of the Xetra T7 trading architecture, we are providing our customers with our XWATCH® software – a reliable and high-performance solution for designated sponsoring on the electronic trading platform Xetra and for market making on the Xetra Vienna stock exchange.

Currently XWATCH® is being adapted because of the planned migration of the stock exchanges “Börse Frankfurt” including “Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate” to the Xetra T7 architecture. Therefore we can provide our customers as well as prospected customers with a powerful software solution for limit controll at the Frankfurt stock exchange.

25 years NOVIS – a success story!

Since the foundation of the NOVIS Company in July 1993, at that time still as Heilscher & Jänich GbR, we are tirelessly in service for our customers. During the first years NOVIS implemented specific developments for regional companies and institutions such as a multimedia-based information system for property data “IDIS” as licensed product for real estate agents or an activity administration system for the “Stadtwerke Zwickau”.
After changing its name to Novis Software GmbH in 1998 started the specialisation of Novis as service provider for the securities-trading industry. Since that time we have implemented a huge variety of projects for the financial service industry. Since 2005 Novis has also been developing sector specific solutions for the telemedicine. Over a period of 25 years aroused an efficient and highly qualified software developer team inclusive an own help desk department out of the original corporation of the founders.
With this in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers who have remained loyal to us during this time. We will do everything we can to develop individual software solutions for you in the future.

Our new web site

We welcome you to the completely new designed web site of NOVIS Software GmbH. Just take a look around…
On Service Offer you find all information, what you can expect from us. On Company you can inform yourself about us and our partners. And on our Portfolio we reveal a little more.

Individual supervising software solutions for security trading platforms …

Based on the core modul HUEST we are developing your customised software solution for the supervising and monitoring of any electronic security trading platforms.

MiFID II – Start January 3 of 2018

Just in time for the beginning of 2018, NOVIS Software GmbH successfully implemented all necessary extensions and changes for the MiFID II-compliant settlement of all transactions in securities in their software solutions for the financial services industry.