Our Philosophy

We see ourselves as service providers. For us, that means in practice:

The focus is always on our customers. On their specific concepts and needs.

We ensure comprehensive one-stop expertise!

In today’s world, securities are traded almost exclusively on electronic platforms allowing transactions to be concluded in seconds around the globe. Many different systems are closely embedded within highly complex structures and exchange activity occurs almost continuously around the clock.

Those who want to keep up need professional expertise, first-class technology and sophisticated software capable of mapping complex processes in a structured and reliable manner. In other words, software that can guarantee security, speed and high availability at levels unmatched by almost any other business sector.

In this situation, it is advantageous to rely on a strong partner who understands what is needed. At Novis Software GmbH, experienced programmers with comprehensive technical know-how and many years of project experience develop “your” product. Our technical competence has been proven repeatedly in numerous projects. Our clients would be pleased to attest to our reliability and adherence to deadlines.

We are also happy to provide maintenance and monitoring services for our products as well as the required support. A technically sound and well-staffed Help Desk is available even before and after trading hours to provide qualified first and second level support.

Your satisfaction is our yardstick.