Your Security

So that nothing get lost …

Every kind of disturbance in ongoing operation are annoying. But what happens if important data is going to get lost in such incidents? To avoid that, all our module solutions are equipped with the following attributes:

  • restorable message exchange
  • link-up to the monitoring module for an active primary to backup switching in case of failure
  • event logging

If required, content from database tables can be automatically exported to a data storage in order to ensure a nice use of the available database performance. If necessary, this archived data can be imported again.

So that your data is really secure …

In multimember-capable systems, it is of enormous importance to clearly, securely and structurally restrict the access to the data. With our sophisticated user management concept, access rights can be granted in detail according to the need-to-know principle. This user management concept was originally designed for a larger database system consisting of several linked databases. A granting of rights according to the multiple-eye principle is another essential feature. Another important component for the security of sensitive data is the key server module developed by NOVIS Software GmbH. On one hand it serves for the encryption of patient data, which have to be stored encrypted and on the other hand it serves to decrypt that data in order to display it within a user interface for authorised users.